Bellasonic adopts Dualsound Technology
Providing two treatments with different frequencies to improve your complexion thoroughly

High Frequency Ultrasound


Two frequencies: 3.3MHz / 10 MHz

3.3/10MHz : At the speed of over ten million vibrations per second to penetrate into epidermis and skin cells so as to boost metabolism and shield skin from outer pollution & damages. Reaching to deep epidermal layers helps slow aging process, hydrates cells and reduces skin redness & inflammation.
3.3MHz : Deep and intensive penetration helps reducing wrinkles and tighten skin.

Low Frequency Ultrasound


40kHz / Push-pull

Push-pull and skin-channels opening by creating micro skin-channel on the epidermis, macromolecular solutions (e.g. Hyaluronic Acid) can be penetrated deep to the skin and without wounding. Ultrasound opens skin-channels while producing push-pull effect, which means the ability of penetration is very high.


Evenness and penetration ability of solution

Skin Rejuvenation

Problem of large pores

Main effects of
Swiss Bellasonic Skin Restoration Facial Treatment

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  1. Swissline treatment is only applicable to our members aged 18 or above.
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  3. Treatment result and improvement vary with skin and physical conditions. Picture for reference only.
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